Weed control and fertilizing made easy

It is our number one goal to keep your lawn looking great and that means more than just a nice thick green grass. This means that there is no place for weeds, anywhere and we take that very seriously. The process to apply the right product at the right time to control target weeds is important if you want to succeed. And to find a perfect balance of weed control products and fertilizer takes a little know-how.

This is often called IPM – integrated pest management. Weed control – combined with regular fertilization, proper mowing, and irrigation practices is your best plan to keep the grass thriving while the weeds disappear throughout the entire season. A proper weed control programs may involve both a pre-emergent and a post-emergent to be applied to prevent spring weeds and then to control summer pervasive weeds. Each treatment should are carefully planned at the peak germination period of major broadleaf weeds.

Weed control products used by Jagusch Lawn Care are tested and approved by the EPA Environmental Protection Agency and are applied by a licensed, trained professional. People and pets may play on the lawn immediately following the application. But we still recommended that to keep children and pets off the lawn until it is completely dry to improve performance and ensure any unknown sensitivities.

Fertilizers provide your lawn with the nutrients needed to produce strong roots and grass that resists weeds, disease, and insects.

A well-fertilized lawn is better at preventing weed infestation as well as drought and disease. In turn, a healthy lawn helps the environment by producing oxygen, cooling the air on hot days and even pollution and dust in the more populated metro areas. There is a full array of different fertilizers to meet a variety of different lawn types. Taking into consideration the amount of sunshine and water you get, the best choice may be a liquid, granule or, a combination of the two.

We know that every lawn is different and that it may require different things, so you can relax and let us find the right combination for you and your lawn.