Fall Clean Up - Jagusch Lawn Care

It’s easy to notice the passing of, the changes in temperature and shortening of daylight hours signal the approach of fall. This is an extremely important time to take care of your lawn. Much that you can do before the winter comes, will determine how successful your start to next spring will be.

At Jagusch Lawn Care we recognize the importance the change in seasons brings and work hard to get everything done before the snow comes. We will be quick to review your lawn and help with all the preparations you need before its too late.

We offer the following services for Fall Clean Up and Maintenance:

  • Proper Lawn Height Adjustment and Mowing
  • Leaf pickup / Leaf Blowing and Removal
  • On/Off-site removal of leaves
  • Cleanup of hard surfaces and rock beds
  • Cleaning under decks
  • Gutters and Ice Damn prevention
  • Power Raking and Lawn Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Irrigation Blowout/Winterization

In Addition to these services Jagusch Lawn Care also believes fall is a great time for additional attention to your lawn and outdoor projects

Some things you might want to consider: A fall checklist for your lawn care

  • Adjust your lawn maintenance equipment
  • Check your lawn for thatch
  • Repair bare or dead spots
  • Place new sod (early fall)
  • Fertilize your Lawn
  • One final spray for annual weeds and pests

If you need these services or do not see these services you require, please lets us know. We want to be sure that you are taken care of and if additional services are needed it could be beneficial for other homes or businesses in your area as well.

Fall clean up can amount to a lot of work and time may not always be on our side. Each customer’s needs are different and we will be sure to recommend and perform only the services you need for the best possible coming year.