Aeration Service - Jagusch Lawn Care

Many things you hear about lawn aeration may or may not be clear to you. But what you need to know is that Lawn Aeration is very important for a beautiful and successful lawn. And it is something you should consider for your home or business.

Aeration is the process in which we create small holes in your lawn drawing out some soil and then bringing it up to the surface of your lawn. This simple process has a wide variety of advantages:

Aeration Provides

  • More water and air circulation to the roots in your lawn
  • Better acceptance of nutrients and fertilizers.
  • Relieves soil compaction
  • Cut down on thatch
  • Helps to prevent lawn fungus or disease
  • Encourage the growth of healthy microorganisms
  • Stimulate the growth of roots

When to get started:

The best times to aerate your lawn are the spring and fall. For us here in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas the early fall is defiantly the best time to aerate them. You should avoid aerating in the heat of summer, or if your lawn is very dry. Timing is very important when it comes to aerating your lawn. So we’ll try to time your aeration after a few days of good watering or rain.

  • Aerating lawns should occur in late fall to allow for recovery before dormancy
  • Spring aeration may also be performed. (But may hinder any re-emergent you may apply)
  • Do not perform lawn aeration during the heat of summer or winter dormancy

Some lawns are better candidates for aeration than others. If you lawns in primarily sand-based, you will need aeration much less than then that of clay-heavy soil which man need aeration can benefit from two times per year. Aeration is an easy way to improve your lawn’s look and keep it strong and healthy. By aerating just once or twice a year, you can keep your lawn’s roots strong.

If you are not sure if your lawn can truly benefit from aeration service just let us know. We would be happy to come evaluate your lawn and give you an honest opinion.