Lawn Care for Residental and Commercial properties

Provided by Jagusch Lawn Care.

Mowing Service:  Weekly or every week service that includes mowing, trimming, and blowing the grass clippings off the sidewalk and driveway.

Aeration:  Usually done in the spring.  If your yard seems hard and packed down not allowing the grass to grow your yard may need aeration.  A machine pulls plugs of the soil up to allow air and moisture into the ground.  Aeration also loosens up the soil to promote root growth.

Dethatching/Power raking:  Thatch is a build up of dead grass in your yard.  While always present a build up of over an half inch of thatch keeps nutrients and water from the root system of your lawn.  To remove this a dethatcher or power rake is used to
remove the thatch.  This service is recommended in the spring and fall.

Spring and Fall Clean ups:  This service includes leaf removal, cleaning of the boulvard, mowing, trimming, and blowing.

Garden Tilling:  Jagusch Lawn Care offers garden tilling and flower bed tilling.

If there is a service not stated that you need, please ask, we maybe able to provide it or recommend someone for you who can.